workspacery jenna Murillo

Carolyn is the best kind of partner, coach, and biz bff rolled into one!

"I had two major struggles when we first started: (1) I was struggling visualize a long-term plan for my business, and (2) I wanted to explore the path of wholesale and retail, but had NO idea what I was doing. I often turned to friends and family for answers, but I knew deep down that I needed to reach out to expert in the field in order to really make traction where I desired it most. 

Immediately upon signing the contract, I felt a rush of emotions; having never worked with a coach before. Carolyn came to each session with infinite knowledge to share with me, new strategies to try, and was there to listen to every win, situation, and idea I threw her way. Working with her definitely opened my eyes to the value of finding the right coach. And it also taught me that mindset is half the battle. Carolyn helped open my mindset to see what was possible for me and my business, and gave me the tools to run with this newfound knowledge and courage to set big goals — and CRUSH them!"  --Jenna Murillo, owner Workspacery

freckles creative studio

I grew my sales rep team from 2 to 28!

"I had been working for a year and a half to piece together a plan on my own-not knowing a "wholesale coach" was even an option! I knew I wanted to grow but didn't know the best route for forming a solid growth plan. Now, I not only appear more professional but I legitimately AM more knowledgable and professional in the wholesale stationery industry which is helping me land all the right sales reps and retail stores for Freckles Creative Studio. Working with Carolyn helped me grow from 2 to 28 sales reps! The kin-ship of having a knowledgable person in my pocket who has an un-biased view of my business and experience in the industry has helped me make huge strides in wholesale. Working with Carolyn has been worth every penny! If anyone is on the fence in investing with a wholesale coach-just do it. Your business with thank you with a 10X larger return!"- Natalie Spencer, Freckles Creative Studio

Having Carolyn as my cheerleader is like having my own little therapist...

amy braswell paperFinch

"I approached Carolyn because I struggled with getting into wholesale on my own terms. I had a few business deals, but I knew I needed to aggressively and purposefully pursue more stores if I really wanted to grow my wholesale business. I tried watching a few webinars, but they were always so vague. Carolyn helped me realize that I CAN do wholesale and it's not just for shop owners who have MBAs. With the tools she helped me set up I can go at my own pace and I can do it my way. Her approach made it easy and made me feel like I’m ready.

I knew I needed the knowledge but I didn’t realize how valuable the confidence and cheerleading would be. It was like having my own therapist which was super helpful! Carolyn seriously knows her stuff and also has a beautiful balance of not being too aggressive about everything. She’s great at sensing the pace a person needs to move at, as well as listening and understanding their particular pain points. Anyone can tell you how to do wholesale, but she truly puts the coaching into it and tailors the experience to each particular person. There is no other choice in the matter, Wholesale for Creatives is a MUST!"- Amy Braswell,  PaperFinch Design

aubrey mathis

I decided to jump right into wholesale and exhibit at Dallas market but I had NO CLUE about how to price, what buyers expected etc.

Fortunately Carolyn was highly recommended to me before I tried all the wrong things. Now, I have a great pricing strategy for products, a wholesale catalog and I have a full understanding of "wholesale terminology" along with systems in place I would have never thought about before. if you're even thinking a little bit about going into wholesale hop on a call because ... it's SO MUCH MORE than you can imagine!  Carolyn will set you up for success and make the process less overwhelming. Before working with Carolyn the way I had my pricing structured I was actually in the red, I now make profit with her help!! I loved working with her so much that I hired her again to help get me through the aftermath of Dallas Market and into the holidays.-Aubrey Mathis, Life's Lemonade Co. (formerly Today May Suck)

I was at the start of the wholesale process and needed help deciding on the best move (and timeline) for my company.


Pricing and background research is really important and sitting down to talk about it with an expert it really clarifies the process.  Carolyn answers your questions, provides real world context, and offers helpful suggestions from her past experiences in the wholesale market. She also gives you answers to questions you might not have even thought of yet! She really helped me gain a better perspective on the wholesale process and to formulate attainable goals for my business. Finding a positive, supportive community is so important when navigating the small business world. Carolyn definitely met my expectations and I feel equipped and excited to execute the wholesale part of my business!-Tammy Walden, Sequins + Lipstick

Run, don't walk to working with Carolyn! she really has your best interest at heart!!


One of my biggest challenges was understanding the similarities and differences between markup and margin for both myself and anyone who wants to purchase wholesale from me. Now, I'm extremely prepared to enter into wholesale relationships with my eyes wide open to the great, the good, the bad and the ugly! I also benefitted from evaluating vendor resources, brand identity and wholesale terms. Carolyn is lovely to work with and very patient. Her resource knowledge is well above what I expected and above the expectations she set for us before working together. Run, don't walk to work with Carolyn! She really has YOUR best interest at heart! Elyssa Talburt, Owner of Crystahhled