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Growing your product based business can be both exciting and terrifying. Learn how to profitably price your products, sell without feeling "salesy"  and genuinely connect with retailers. 

Are you ready to stress less and sell more? 

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I need help with my


I need make sure I'm profitable!

I want to connect with 

and wholesale my products!

I don't know where to

This is so overwhelming!

I grew my sales rep team from 2 to 28!.

"I had been working for a year and a half to piece together a plan on my own-not knowing a "wholesale coach" was even an option! I knew I wanted to grow but didn't know the best route for forming a solid growth plan. Now, I not only appear more professional but I legitimately AM more knowledgable and professional in the wholesale stationery industry which is helping me land all the right sales reps and retail stores for Freckles Creative Studio. Working with Carolyn helped me grow from 2 to 28 sales reps! The kin-ship of having a knowledgable person in my pocket who has an un-biased view of my business and experience in the industry has helped me make huge strides in wholesale. Working with Carolyn has been worth every penny! If anyone is on the fence in investing with a wholesale coach-just do it. Your business with thank you with a 10X larger return!"- Natalie Spencer, Freckles Creative Studio


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