carolyn keating
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I teach product based businesses how to start and grow their wholesale business, connect with retailers + sell to stores.

To say I'm a little obsessed with wholesale would be an understatement. I love to crunch numbers, play with product, talk business strategy and brainstorm ways to help a business grow.I know how scary it can be to invest your time and money into a segment of your business that isn't a guaranteed success. To have a great idea but struggle with getting it from concept to sale. I'm going to help you connect the dots so you can work smarterbe profitable and grow your wholesale business with ease

I've helped my clients

  • Land their first wholesale order 
  • Grow their sales team 
  • Develop their systems infrastructure (including how to collect orders, setting payment terms, implementing CRM and inventory systems)
  • Create their first line sheet/catalog 
  • Exhibit at their first trade show
  • Understand industry timelines and set their design calendars 
  • Grow their brand recognition
  • Develop profitable wholesale/retail partnerships
  • Learn how to profitably price their products and set MSRP's
  • Develop social media and influencer partnership strategies
  • Communicate with buyers easily and effectively 
  • Formulate a sales strategy and set profit margin parameters
  • Learn how to pitch their products to buyers and sales reps
  • Streamline the process of bring on a new sales person/rep
  • Prepare for difficult sales rep situations
  • Approach new retail partners without being pushy or salesy  
  • Keep their sales team engaged and encouraged so they sell more
  • Create a system for tracking sales to plan and budget 
  • Learn how to make sales projections (because knowing and tracking your numbers each month will help you meet and exceed your goals!)
  • Develop their growth plan

To sit across from a buyer and try to sell them a product I love. When your stomach is full of butterflies right before a big presentation, meeting a buyer for the first time (Will they like me? Will they like my products? Will I sound knowledgable?) That feeling of pure excitement and elation of being handed a six figure sales order, and the crushing disappointment when a buyer decides to pass. 


That I was traveling across the country with 80lbs of samples in my suitcase. As an Account Manager with a NYC Accessories company I made my living selling to retailers throughout the country. During my career in sales I sold $40 million in product to my retail partners. I've celebrated major wins, and had to recover from some not so pretty losses. 

The travel was intense, it was common for me to fly to the opposite coast just for an hour long meeting, returning the same day. When I moved to Upstate NY and my travel doubled I realized it wasn't sustainable for my family and our future. 


With a local stationer made me realize there were so many small businesses struggling to develop their wholesale plan and strategy, and my experience meant I had the answers to their most pressing questions. As I began consulting I learned that I wanted to share my knowledge and focus on teaching about wholesale, showing product based businesses what was possible. Teaching others and empowering them to find success fed my soul because I know just  how hard it can be to successfully compete in the marketplace. Seeing my clients grow their businesses and blow their goals out of the water makes my heart so happy. It's what I'm meant to do. 


I'm proud to say I help small, product based businesses with their wholesale strategy and business plan. I dive deep into each client's specific needs and help them set the foundation for a profitable business. I also teach how to sell to buyers and retailers because I know how hard it can be to connect with a new buyer and sell a product without feeling coming across as salesy or pushy. 



Having Carolyn as my cheerleader is like having my own little therapist...

paper finch design amy braswell

"I approached Carolyn because I struggled with getting into wholesale on my own terms. I had a few business deals, but I knew I needed to aggressively and purposefully pursue more stores if I really wanted to grow my wholesale business. I tried watching a few webinars, but they were always so vague. Carolyn helped me realize that I CAN do wholesale and it's not just for shop owners who have MBAs. With the tools she helped me set up I can go at my own pace and I can do it my way. Her approach made it easy and made me feel like I’m ready.

I knew I needed the knowledge but I didn’t realize how valuable the confidence and cheerleading would be. It was like having my own therapist which was super helpful! Carolyn seriously knows her stuff and also has a beautiful balance of not being too aggressive about everything. She’s great at sensing the pace a person needs to move at, as well as listening and understanding their particular pain points. Anyone can tell you how to do wholesale, but she truly puts the coaching into it and tailors the experience to each particular person. There is no other choice in the matter, Wholesale for Creatives is a MUST!"- Amy Braswell,  PaperFinch Design

Today May Suck and Life's Lemonade co.

I decided to jump right into wholesale and exhibit at Dallas market but I had NO CLUE about how to price, what buyers expected etc.

Fortunately Carolyn was highly recommended to me before I tried all the wrong things. Now, I have a great pricing strategy for products, a wholesale catalog and I have a full understanding of "wholesale terminology" along with systems in place I would have never thought about before. if you're even thinking a little bit about going into wholesale hop on a call because ... it's SO MUCH MORE than you can imagine!  Carolyn will set you up for success and make the process less overwhelming. Before working with Carolyn the way I had my pricing structured I was actually in the red, I now make profit with her help!! I loved working with her so much that I hired her again to help get me through the aftermath of Dallas Market and into the holidays.-Aubrey Mathis, Life's Lemonade Co. (formerly Today May Suck)