11 ways to increase your product visibility

As a product based business, you’ve got a lot of competition. There are so many great products out there it can be daunting to come up with a plan to get yours noticed. Visibility is key because the more your product is on the radar of others the more opportunities you have to sell! I’m sharing 11 ideas to help increase your visibility so you can grow your audience and sales. 

increase your product visibility

Get Social

Instagram and Facebook are visual platforms that are perfect for highlighting your amazing products. If you haven’t already, set up your social media profiles. If you’re already on these platforms, how often are you posting? Consistency is key when growing your audience! If I’m interested in a product but see your page hasn’t been posted on for a few months I’m going to start wondering if you are still in business.  Don’t forget to research relevant hashtags and use them when you post on Instagram to help people find your business and see those amazing products!

Use Pinterest

Many people treat Pinterest like google, using it as a search tool. Pinterest is the perfect platform for others to find your products!  Analytics have proven that people tend to click on product pins more than other types of content so start pinning your products ASAP! If you have a moment, check out this really cool case study about how Pinterest helped grow Artifact Uprising’s business.


Blogging can feel like just another to-do on your list, but when you have a product based business it can really help you establish your business as a go-to resource! Blogging helps you build brand awareness and boost your SEO while providing a platform for you to educate customers, gain their trust and encourage engagement while you build your community.

I’m so passionate about product based businesses having a blog that I dedicated an entire post to the subject which you can read here (and while you’re at it, snag a free checklist of 22 killer content ideas to get you started!)


Participate in a Trade Show

Trade shows give you an opportunity to share your products with hundreds or thousands of buyers and retailers over the course of a few days. They are expensive and require months of preparation but they payoff can be HUGE! February kicks off trade show season so you may already be seeing images pop up in your feeds. If you’re thinking about participating in an industry show in the future try to walk one before you sign up to exhibit. Besides experiencing an amazing energy you’ll gain some valuable insights!

Partner with your Favorite Charitable Organization

Not only does giving back feel good but it adds another element to your brand’s story. People like to see that you’re not just in it for the money, but that your business has a heartbeat. Talk about why you chose an organization to partner with, what that organization means to you and what you’re planning to give back. Maybe you and your team spent a day with Habitat for Humanity or perhaps you’re going to offer a percentage of sales to support a local charity close to your heart. As a consumer, I love purchasing products that support a cause that is meaningful to me.

Create Contests and Giveaways

People love to win free goodies! Leverage your social media platforms and email list to provide a seriously kick ass contest to your loyal customers + followers. One tactic that you’re probably familiar with is to encourage your audience to share the contest with their friends for extra chances to win. This is great in helping you gain exposure which can lead to more sales. Have fun + get creative with your contests but remember to keep it simple. You know those loop giveaways on Instagram that require you to follow a gazillion, people? Sorry, it’s just too much. If there are too many steps involved chances are people aren’t going to want to participate or will bail midway through the signup process.

Pitch Magazines and Publications

What’s better than seeing your product in print?! Pitching to magazines requires you to do some homework but the payoff can be HUGE. You can start small with local and regional publications or go big with national magazines. Check out this post from Creative Hype that talks about how to go about your pitch.

Participate in a styled shoot

You’ve probably seen a gorgeous collaborative shoot in your feed from time to time. This type of shoot is awesome for fostering creativity and community! Creatives coming together is amazing + it generates a bit of buzz for all the brands involved. A beautiful shoot can be submitted to the big blogs which can lead to even more exposure. That said, choose your shoot partners carefully. Work with people or brands that speak to a similar audience and complement what you offer. It’s easy to get excited and say yes to every request that hits your inbox but these shoots take time and can cost money (special design, product samples etc) You’re going to want to partner with people and businesses that make the most sense for your biz!

Develop a Referral Program

It’s so amazing when customers sing your praises and give you a glowing review, testimonial or feedback. Leverage their positive experience by developing a special referral program to help get them talking about your product to their friends. Maybe they get a special discount here and there or get the opportunity to view + shop new releases before they are released to the public. Your customers are the core of your business so make them feel special and they will be more likely to share the love!

Grow your Email List

Offer your customers the chance to stay connected to you by encouraging them to sign up for your email list. While so many of us are focused on followers, email lists are the gold standard for growth because it allows you to capture information that will not disappear with the latest algorithm change. One thing to keep in mind, though, do not inundate your list with spammy content. Be strategic with your content by balancing the promotional email with other beneficial content. Maybe you’ve been recently featured in a local magazine or on a podcast-share it! Make this content as diverse as possible so you’re not coming across as just being in it for the sale. Spammy=unscribe!

Partner with Influencers

Influencers can help place thousands of new eyes on your product and expand your reach. While targeting the influencers with the most followers may seem like a no-brainer, it may not be the best move for your biz.  It’s important to first see how they interact with those followers. Are they genuinely engaged with their community? Would their following be a natural fit for your brand’s products? Don’t be afraid to start small. An influencer with 5,000-10,000 followers may not be as appealing as someone who has 500K+ BUT chances are, they’d be thrilled to know you’re interested in partnering with them and the cost to partner will likely be a lot less. Even if your partner with someone who has 2,000 followers you’re still taking a step to getting more eyes on your products and business.