Why Product Photos Matter

Did you know that in a survey by Etsy, 90% of buyers rated having good photos as extremely/very important? While I've always known great product photos are essential, this number really drives it home and reiterates something I've been preaching about for a while... your product photos will directly impact your sales. Having stellar product photos is ESSENTIAL to running a product based business! If you have any kind of online presence AT ALL a good product photo can be the difference between making the sale and having the customer shop elsewhere. Whether you’re selling to stores or directly to customers, buyers rely on your photos when making their purchasing decisions.

why product photos matter


Good Photos Help You Sell Your Products

In an age where so many consumer decisions are prompted by social media shares and posts having unique, on brand photos that highlight your products will help you increase sales without much effort. There’s a reason big brands are seeking out social media influencers to highlight their products and partner with! We’ve become a society of instant gratification which means more often than not we see, we like, we buy. I’m willing to bet that you’ve posted a product or two and gotten sales because an image connected with your audience!

Good Photos Highlight The Details

Your brand, products, and designs are unique. There’s no better way to convey those special details that set you apart from the competition than through your imagery! I love seeing a combination of styled product shots and detail shots. As a consumer, lifestyle shots give me #AllTheFeels and help me envision what it’s like to use/own a product. The detailed shots give me a closer look at the item before I commit to buying. The more details I’m provided the more likely I am to add it to my cart.

They make your business look legit.

Nothing says hobbyist quite like low quality photos shot in poor lighting. You know, the ones you keep trying to zoom in on to check out the details, the ones that are distracting because there is way too much going on in the background or images that make it hard to differentiate one color from another? When your images appear professional so do you! You don’t need to hire a professional to shoot all of your products. All you need is the proper lighting, a camera, and a vision. A few photography tips and tricks can make an iPhone photo look amazing.  

When it comes to great product photos I often educate my clients about what types of imagery works best for catalogs, linesheets and their website but when it comes to the actual mechanics, I defer all questions to my friend, Amy Takes Pictures. She recently launched a course specific to helping product based businesses DIY their own product photography called Snap, Sell, Succeed. In this course, Amy has simplified the process and is teaching you everything you need to know to DIY your product photos. I definitely recommend checking it out of you’re looking to DIY your own product photos.