The Benefits of Running a Wholesale Business (aka why wholesale rocks!)

Some businesses have found their home on Etsy while others sell through their own websites (or a combination of the two!) Maybe you've been dreaming about diving into wholesale but going beyond Etsy or your own website is overwhelming, scary and kind of freaks you out! Well friends, I'm here to help. If you’re thinking about wholesale but aren’t sure it’s the next best step for your business this post is for you! 

the benefits of running a wholesale business. Why wholesale rocks

Wholesale gets your name out there:

Wholesale allows you to reach a whole new demographic that may not find you through your etsy or personal site. The store’s loyal customers become fans of your brand and will start to shout your name from the rooftops! 

Wholesale means selling more units:

Stores need to make a presentation so they are going to buy more than one piece at a time. If the store happens to be a chain then you have multiple pieces of a sku shipping to multiple doors. See how quickly the numbers can add up?! Yes, profit margins will be less but would you rather sell one unit of an item at $100 retail or 6 units of an item at $50 wholesale? Another bonus, once the retailer starts seeing sales results you’re opening the door for re-orders. #EasyMoney There’s also a much greater chance that they will buy from you again in the future!  

Wholesale can help plan your business: 

Buyers work months in advance so as a designer and business owner, you’re in a better position to plan your business. Having a stack of orders in June that you’ll ship in October gives you a pretty accurate idea of what you need to do to meet or exceed your revenue goals for the year.  

You don't have to be the salesperson:

Love the idea of more sales but hate selling? For many creatives, selling isn’t where their passion lies and that's totally ok! Wholesale is a great vehicle for growing your business and puts you in a position of being able to hire sales reps or a sales person to oversee retailer relationships. The more they sell the more they make which is incentive for them to help grow your business while you get to focus on creating. 

Do any of these points sound exciting to you?! If so,  I think it’s safe to say wholesale is a path worth exploring! 😃