Developing Your Product Assortment

It's Day 5 of our Product Based Biz Challenge in collaboration with Printed Mint and today we're talking about developing your product assortment. 

developing your product assortment printed mint

One of the most exciting parts or running a product based business is developing your product assortment. Chances are, you have a notebook FULL of ideas, designs, and products you’re dreaming of creating. While the big ideas part of the process is fun, finding reputable manufacturers that you can rely on as you grow your business is probably the top challenge I hear about from my product biz owning friends. Sourcing new items, ordering samples, and meeting minimums are costly steps that come with developing your product assortment.

In today's post, I'm sharing a few ways you can minimize your risk when it comes to developing your own product assortment. Head over to  Printed Mint's Blog to check out my tips!