How To Increase Profits For your Product Based Business

With the last quarter of 2017 right around the corner you’re probably sitting here and thinking:

1) Where the heck did this year go?!


2) I really need to kick things into high gear to make some of those goals I set back in January happen.

increase profits for your product based business, trello for product based businesses

Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed by #AllTheThings I always recommend going back to basics and revisiting your business plan because your plan is the foundation of your business and your roadmap for success. It helps to hold you accountable to get things done and reach those goals while making sure you're focusing on the things that will have the most ROI for your business. Having a plan in place = more sales + more profits because you know EXACTLY what to focus on, and when.

Why Planning Increases Profits:

It's easy to become overwhelmed by your to do list. Planning outlines your road map to success and breaks down those big, scary goals into achievable baby steps. Sometimes accomplishing the smallest step feels like a major win and it's that feeling that keeps you moving forward. As your business's creator, designer, production manager, bill payer, logistics leader, mover, shaker and primary money maker your to do list is never complete and you are constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions.  Planning will help when it comes to prioritizing the tasks that make you money and boost your bottom line.

Out of your busy days, how many of your tasks are directly related to making money? The money making to do’s should always top your list because they will directly contribute to your bottom line. Some money making activities include:

  • reaching out to new buyers + retail partners to introduce your brand and products with the end goal of gaining a new account
  • following up with current buyers + retail partners for re-order opportunities
  • uploading new designs to your website/online shop/Etsy site
  • uploading or creating new line sheets that include your new additions that can be sent to buyers

Setting SMART goals:

Simply, Goals=Growth! Writing down your goals and developing a plan to achieve them is something that most people know they should do, but few people actually do. When setting your goals you want to make sure they are following the SMART method, which means your goals are:

S-Specific (simple and clearly defined)

M-Measurable (maybe this is in $ sales or number of new customers)

A-Achievable (and attainable!)

R-Results Oriented (focus on outcomes)

T-Time based (works within a set timeframe and are time sensitive)

When it comes to setting SMART goals and prioritizing profitable activities, how do your days look? Do you have a plan in place that is helping your business grow or are you still struggling to create one that works?

I developed the Retail Roadmap especially for you. My planning worksheets will help you clearly define your goals and ideal customer, help you define your marketing + sales strategy, keeps tabs on all your suppliers, set your financial goals and set the foundation for your product based business. Regardless if you are planning to wholesale your products or sell them on Etsy, these worksheets will help you gain clarity about your business and help you put a plan in place. I’ve also created a complimentary Trello board for you to keep all this info in one place.

Did I mention that both the sheets and custom Trello board are FREE?! 

retail roadmap for product based businesses

Let the brain dumping and planning begin! Grab your free planning sheets below!

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