Why I’m Carrying the One Woman Shop Baton

I’m so excited to share that today, I’m carrying the One Woman Shop Baton over on Instagram to show you what a day in the life of my solo business is like.

why i'm carrying the one woman shop baton

I’ve been a HUGE fan/follower of the One Woman Shop because I love their mission to cultivate a community that supports female solopreneurs. Building a business is challenging enough, but doing it as a solo act with little to no additional support means that at any given time you’re the business manager/social media guru/strategist/accountant/list maker/call taker/customer service provider etc. It can be exhausting and doing all of this from our home office or local coffee shop can often times feel extremely isolating. It’s nice to be able to make connections with other women who understand what this roller coaster of entrepreneurship means on any given day because they’re right beside you on the ride.

one woman shop baton

I absolutely LOVED carrying the baton and connecting with the One Woman Shop community. I made lots of new friends and it felt good to share some behind the scenes of my business. 

As a one woman shop, I’m always on the lookout for killer resources that will support my business. While I’ve learned a TON in the days since launching my business but I definitely don’t know it all. In the beginning, I tried to piece everything together myself (because hellooo start up budget!) I knew I had the brains so I figured if I just spent a few hours on google I’d be able to put the pieces together pretty easily. Fast forward a few months and I was SO OVER IT. Eventually, I decided it that despite having zero budget it was time to take the leap and invest in my business.

I remember what it felt like the first time I invested in my business with money I didn’t have. I was nauseous, I got dizzy, feeling of pure panic set in. What if I spent this money and the program/course/resource ended up being a total dud? #AllTheFears

one woman shop baton

Looking back, I’d say 95% of what I invested in was totally worth it. And that remaining 5% that didn’t really work out? Well, it wasn’t due to poor quality but the timing on my part. I think I was SO eager to jump in that I did so without a great plan in place. Now, I’m much more strategic in my investments.

In a little less than one week (September 18th!) The One Woman Shop will be launching the 2017 Solopreneur Success Bundle and you guys, I am PUMPED!!! It brings together 18 products (worth over $1,700!!) to help ambitious female solo business owners start and level up their online business. The ladies behind the One Woman Shop believe in streamlining and automating. Conquering cash flow. Mastering SEO. Becoming an email marketing expert. Maintaining sanity as a business owner. They also understand how important all of these  things are to our business’ and recognize that many of us just need a little help to make it all happen which is why this bundle is priced at just $99. The contents of the Bundle not only cater to some of the struggles you might be facing in your biz today but it also sets you up with resources when those future hurdles present themselves.

Come launch day, I’m teaming up with One Woman Shop as an affiliate. It takes A LOT to get me on board for these kinds of launches because I need to know that I’m partnering with a business who shares the same values as I do when it comes to supporting another business and its owner. I got a peek at who is on this years list and boy, IT.IS.GOOD. Some of my favorite ladies on the list include:

Jess Freeman of Jess Creatives

Ashley Cox of Sprout HR

The Ladies of the Think Creative Collective

Danielle Zeigler

And SO many MORE!

solopreneur success bundle 2017

The Solopreneur Success page goes live on 9/18 and will remain open through midnight on 9/22 EST. Once it goes live, you can access it here: http://bit.ly/solosuccess2017

Purchasing the Solopreneur Success Bundle through the link here will result in my business receiving compensation. I appreciate you trusting my opinion on the products that will help you better your business!