What Success Means to Me As A Solopreneur

I’ve always known I wanted to own my own business. For so many years though, I never really knew what that meant.

Growing up just north of NYC almost everyone I knew had at least one parent who worked in the city. From an early age, I’d watch my Dad leave the house and walk up the hill to head toward the train station. My Grandfather had a borderline legendary (in my eyes, anyway) career in Manhattan as well, along with many other members of our family so naturally, when it came to start thinking about my own career I knew one thing for certain, I was destined for Manhattan.

what success means to me as a solopreneur

Throughout the years I toyed with different ideas. I always loved retail and originally wanted to open a boutique. I read every fashion magazine, landed an internship with Bloomingdales and quickly narrowed down the industry I wanted to be in. When it came time to decide on college it was a toss up between Fashion School and Business School. I ended up going the Business School route because as much as I loved the industry, I wasn’t 100% sure that, at 17, I really new what I wanted. So I decided to play it a little safer. (It also helped I received a scholarship to play field hockey)

Fast forward a decade and I was living my best NYC life as an account manager with a women's accessories company. I loved my company, coworkers, and clients. But when my husband got a job opportunity that would move us 3 hours North I quickly realized that my current career was no longer feasible. I started looking at other options in my soon to be new home and couldn’t find ANYTHING I wanted to do. Fortunately, the company offered me the option to continue working with them from Upstate NY so naturally, I jumped at the opportunity.

Here’s the thing about working from home. It sounds like a total dream come true. (it was pretty sweet!) When you move to a new place though, it seriously inhibits your ability to meet people and make new friends. I spent so much time in my new home office or traveling that I didn’t have a chance to get out very often. It was isolating and starting to drive me bananas. My first real friend was the owner of our local spin studio and she basically told me we were going to be friends. (she was right!) Under her wing, I not only started to meet more people but I quickly learned that Saratoga Springs had this amazing entrepreneurial spirit and community. It seemed like everyone I met was a small business owner and for the first time EVER, I started to realize that I could make something happen, too.

Success, to me, is much more than the financial gains. It means living life on MY terms. Saying goodbye to a corporate salary was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done BUT the freedom and flexibility that came with it was eye opening. No more spending multiple days on planes and trains each month. I could cook AND serve dinner at a reasonable hour! I started working out again. We could take long weekends or mid-week breaks if we wanted to because I could work from anywhere. I was able to continue doing something that I loved and help other business owners along the way. In turn, I was stepping outside of my comfort zone in a really big way. Some days it’s easy, other days I end up in tears, longing for the structure and stability that came with a corporate career.

Throughout this roller coaster ride, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that regardless of how smart we are, we can't tackle entrepreneurship alone. We need tools and resources to help us take the next steps because as business owners, we can’t (and aren’t) experts at everything.

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